State-of-the-art construction

Quality arises from experience

We have the pleasure of serving a wide range of customers with various housing,
holiday and tourism needs.

The premium quality of our products arises from our unique concept, which we are implementing through a modern, efficient approach.

Professional pride is a core value for the entire HAWO team.

High-quality products are created through various work phases, based on our employees’ enthusiasm, experience and skills.

State-of-the-art construction

We are leading the way in in-factory construction.

Our houses are produced in an assembly line indoors, in dry conditions. They represent state-of-the-art construction.

The production line manufactures fully completed houses, including foundations.

“The installation was like clockwork: it ran smoothly and exactly as agreed”

Our own team laid the necessary groundwork so that everything was ready for the cottages to arrive. Five cottages arrived in one go, and the installation work was completed in the afternoon. The installation was like clockwork: it ran smoothly and exactly as agreed.

– Juha Haanela, Lake Resort Paljakka

“You have succeeded in making small facilities feel spacious”

You have succeeded in making small facilities feel spacious. There is more space than the number of square metres suggests.

This is reflected in the level of customer satisfaction.

– Jukka Tommola, Camping Sysmä

“The decisive factor was the speed of construction”

The decisive factor was the speed of construction. With quick completion, the investment will begin to generate returns quickly.

– Raimo Pietilä, BB Villa Helmi


The concept is very easy for the business owner: effortless, quick, ready for use.

– Elina Pietilä, BB Villa Helmi

HAWO houses

Prices from EUR 67,642 (incl. VAT)

The Loma is an ideal holiday home for accommodation business owners and private customers.

Prices from EUR 103,700 (incl. VAT)

The Oma meets the requirements for permanent housing in terms of building regulations, facilities and equipment.

OMA 55 LOFT, 46 m² + loft, EUR 156,289 incl. VAT​

Unique foundation structure

HAWO’s patented base floor element is safe and non-allergenic.

Its innovative structure consists of corrugated steel sheets and urethane insulation, and contains no concrete.

New standard for holiday housing

A large number of HAWO’s high-quality holiday homes have been delivered across Finland in recent years.

Our holiday homes are designed by professionals, and the large windows make them feel spacious, with ample light.

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