Range of houses

State-of-the-art construction

HAWO Oma houses are designed for permanent housing.

They are suitable for use as single-family houses in terms of both space and equipment.

Small homes are one of the biggest trends in modern living.

We are leading the way in in-factory construction. Our high-quality homes are produced in an assembly line indoors, in dry conditions. When leaving the factory, our houses are fully completed from the inside and outside, including the foundations.

HAWO - oma 50

Quality arises from experience

Each year, we deliver dozens of homes to our customers for permanent housing:

studios, one-bedroom homes and two-bedroom homes.

There is demand for homes based on our concept.


Could a Hawo be your new home?

OMA 27

1 room + kitchen + bathroom + alcove

Peace and privacy –

a studio-sized house.


1 room + kitchen + bathroom + loft

A studio-sized house with a loft.

OMA 50

2 rooms + kitchen + bathroom + sauna

A one-bedroom house – compact daily life.


2 rooms + kitchen + bathroom + sauna + loft

One bedroom and a loft – a view over daily life.

OMA 60

3 rooms + kitchen + bathroom + sauna

A two-bedroom house – a compact home for a small family.


3 rooms + kitchen + bathroom + sauna + loft

Two bedrooms and a big loft – intimate, yet amazingly spacious.

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