Range of houses

State-of-the-art construction

HAWO Oma houses are designed for permanent housing.

They are suitable for use as single-family houses in terms of both space and equipment.

Small homes are one of the biggest trends in modern living.

We are leading the way in in-factory construction. Our high-quality homes are produced in an assembly line indoors, in dry conditions. When leaving the factory, our houses are fully completed from the inside and outside, including the foundations.

Quality arises from experience

Each year, we deliver dozens of homes to our customers for permanent housing:

studios, one-bedroom homes and two-bedroom homes.

There is demand for homes based on our concept.


Could a Hawo be your new home?

OMA 38

1 room + kitchen + alcove + loft + bathroom

Peace and privacy –

a studio-sized house.


1 room + kitchen + alcove + loft + bathroom

A studio-sized house with a loft.

OMA 55

2 rooms + kitchen + bathroom + sauna

A one-bedroom house – compact daily life.


2 rooms + kitchen + bathroom + sauna + loft

One bedroom and a loft – a view over daily life.

OMA 65

3 rooms + kitchen + bathroom + sauna

A two-bedroom house – a compact home for a small family.


3 rooms + kitchen + bathroom + sauna + loft

Two bedrooms and a big loft – intimate, yet amazingly spacious.

OMA 88

3-4 rooms + kitchen + bathroom + sauna + toilet + hallway (+ utility room)

Fore larger everyday experiences.

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